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Serving the Big Horn Basin

Duct Insulation Services in Worland, WY by Big Horn Heating & Cooling

Insulation is a key part of keeping a home comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year. It isn’t just for cold weather, either, although this is a common mistake that people make. Insulation serves as a thermal barrier that slows down the movement of heat from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration. During cold weather, a layer of insulation keeps the heat inside a building trapped. During hot weather, the insulation keeps the outside heat from finding its way inside.

But insulation is vital for more than just the walls and attic floor of a house. It needs to be part of the ductwork that carries conditioned air from the heater and AC to the various rooms. Poorly insulated ducts, or ducts with decaying insulation, will cause a decline in comfort in a home and lead to skyrocketing energy bills. If you let Big Horn Heating & Cooling take care of insulating your ducts, you should enjoy better service from your HVAC system. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your duct insulation.

If you need duct insulation services in Worland, WY or the surrounding areas, simply call on Big Horn Heating & Cooling.

Why Proper Duct Insulation Is Important

The ductwork that forms the ventilation system for a home travels through many places in the building that are exposed to either high or low temperatures. Places such as the attic and spots between walls are not kept either heated or cooled during the year, and as the temperatures either soar or plummet, it will affect the air inside the ducts. Without effective insulation, the heat inside the ducts during winter will begin to escape, or the heat outside the ducts in summer will get inside it. This means an overtaxed AC or heating system trying to compensate for the temperature change, and you’ll have higher bills and probably inferior comfort.

Insulated ducts will prevent this, but it is important that the ductwork has the right insulation. If it’s too weak or too strong, it could end up causing other problems. Professionals will see that you have the best insulation for your ducts, whether it’s part of a new installation or a repair for ducts that have lost effective insulation.

Duct Insulation and Indoor Air Quality

Homeowners sometimes worry that the fiberglass insulation of ducts might lead to contamination entering the air flow and the growth of microbes inside the insulation material. However, professional duct insulation can actually benefit indoor air quality and rarely harms it. When the insulation is expertly installed and maintained, the fiberglass won’t support microbe growth. Research at major universities has shown that you will still enjoy clean air when you have insulated ducts—and of course, you’ll enjoy increased energy efficiency.

You Can Depend on Us for Duct Insulation

If you’re planning to have a new ductwork system put into your house, or if you old ducts are suffering from heat loss/heat gain due to decaying insulation, call Big Horn Heating & Cooling. We will arrange to protect your comfort and energy bills with the right air duct insulation. We will make sure that the new insulation will benefit your indoor air quality, never harm it.