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Serving the Big Horn Basin

Humidifier Services in Worland, WY by Big Horn Heating & Cooling

Worland and the Big Horn Basin can suffer from extremely arid conditions. Although dry air can be pleasant during scorching days with helping to relieve the heat somewhat, this isn’t something you want as a chronic problem affecting your house. And during winter, the arid climate can be especially troublesome.

Because of the dry conditions in Big Horn Basin, we strongly advise residents to install a whole-house humidifier into their home’s HVAC system. (Small, portable humidifiers are only useful for handling a single room on a temporary basis, such as an infant’s room.) A humidifier will solve many of the issues associated with relative humidity levels below 30%, and this will mean greater comfort for your household, better protection for your belongings, energy savings during the winter, and a general improvement in health conditions. Call Big Horn Heating & Cooling today to schedule service.

To find the best humidifier for your home, or to arrange for service for one, call Big Horn Heating & Cooling. We serve Worland, WY and the surrounding areas.

The Problems with Dry Air a Humidifier Will Address

"It’s a dry heat," is often used to explain how hot weather is more tolerable when relative humidity is low. It’s true that low humidity makes it easier for the human body to release heat and cool down. However, arid conditions can cause many severe problems. With a humidifier to balance humidity into the 30% to 60% range, you can stop these issues:

  • Cold weather discomfort – The Big Horn Basin has very dry winters—and because low humidity makes it easy for heat to escape from the human body, it makes cold conditions feel substantially worse. A home will need to have its heating system working overtime in order to overcome dry, cold conditions.
  • Easy spread of illness – Dry conditions dry up sinuses and mucus membranes, which are a main defense the body has against the spread of colds, flus, and other sicknesses. Balanced humidity can help keep a household from suffering from rampant illness.
  • Damage to building material and possessions – Low humidity also draws moisture out of objects, and this can be particularly damaging to wood. Wood is prone to cracking in dry conditions, and wooden musical instruments often suffer serious damage. Dryness also causes paint to crack and peel.

Why You Need Professionals for Whole–House Humidifier Installation

As mentioned above, you must have a whole–house humidifier to solve aridity in your home, rather than a portable unit. But you cannot install a whole–house unit yourself. It must be integrated into the HVAC system and matched to the needs of the house. If done incorrectly, a humidifier can place too much moisture into the air, leading to a stuffy environment that suffers from the numerous problems that high humidity creates.

Call Us for Humidifier Services

If you are tired of uncomfortably dry air in your home, you only have to contact Big Horn Heating & Cooling to find a cure. We install whole–house humidifiers, and also offer the regular maintenance service they require and whatever repairs may be necessary. We want you to enjoy your home life all year round, and our indoor air quality specialists are glad to help in any way they can.