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Serving the Big Horn Basin

Air Filtration Systems in Worland, WY by Big Horn Heating & Cooling

There are many options available to a homeowner when it comes to the job of boosting indoor air quality. But the most common choice—and still one of the most effective—is to have an air filtration system professionally installed. Forced-air heaters and air conditioners already contain an air filter, but its purpose is to protect the interior of the cabinet from debris, not to keep contamination out of the air in the house. It requires a dedicated filter integrated into the HVAC system to actually have a beneficial effect on air quality.

So how do you get started with finding the best air filtration for your home? It’s quite easy: you simply call to Big Horn Heating & Cooling. We have the experience and expertise necessary to match your house with the filters that will remove the particles that are creating unpleasant conditions and health concerns.

The indoor air quality experts at Big Horn Heating & Cooling offer installation and other services for air filtration systems in Worland, WY and the surrounding areas.

How an Air Filtration System Works to Clean Your Air

Air filters are often referred to as mechanical air filters because they do not require any outside power source to work. Instead, they trap contaminants in the air that moves through them within a mesh of fibers. These fibers not only stop the particles, they draw them as well. This makes the filters able to block pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size with more than 99% efficiency. If the filter is properly matched to the HVAC system and installed correctly, it will allow the air from the heater and air conditioner to continue to flow freely as the pollutants are removed.

Finding the Right Air Filters

It is vital that you do not hunt for an air filtration system on your own and then attempt to install it. You need technicians familiar with indoor air quality services to do this job. One of the reasons is that these experts know how to select the right type of filter. Each filter has a rating of its effectiveness, known as MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). The higher the MERV rating, the smaller particles the filter affects. But simply going for the highest MERV–rated filter you can find, such as a HEPA filter, can spell disaster for your air conditioning and heating system. A thick filter will cut off the air flow and damage the HVAC system and lower your comfort. Let an air quality expert handle finding and installing your new air filtration system.

We Provide Professional Air Filtration

Figuring out the right configuration of filters and other air cleaning devices (such as air purifiers) can be tricky, but you can rely on our team at Big Horn Heating & Cooling to get the job done right. We want you to enjoy both high air quality in your home and an effective heater and air conditioner. Once we have installed the right air filtration system, we will always be available should you need maintenance or repairs for the filters. Make us you choice for clean air in your home.