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Serving the Big Horn Basin

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Worland, WY by Big Horn Heating & Cooling

At Big Horn Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with everything that they need to keep their homes and commercial properties comfortable throughout the year. This goes beyond simply offering great heating and air conditioning systems, as well as great indoor air quality products. It even goes beyond providing our valued customers with impeccable customer and technical service. It entails offering the types of services that are sometimes hard to come across, and ensuring that those services are every bit as exceptional as our more general HVAC and indoor air quality offerings. One such service is sheet metal fabrication, and it is one in which we excel.

There are many different products that we can fabricate in our sheet metal fabrication shop. If you are a homeowner looking for custom ductwork, or a restauranteur in need of custom hoods for your stoves, we are the company to call. Let us handle all of your sheet metal fabrication service needs.

Big Horn Heating & Cooling provides sheet metal fabrication services near Worland, WY and the surrounding areas.

Why Work with Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Technicians?

When you buy a new home, or invest in a new commercial property, you want to make that property your own. You probably wouldn’t buy a classic car and try to fill it with modern, mass–produced parts, and you may not want to treat your home or business in that fashion, either. Whether you are looking for a very specific style for your sheet metal fixtures, or you are interested in customized products that will suit your intended usage like a glove, there is no better way to get precisely what you are after than by having your sheet metal products custom–prepared by qualified technicians.

We won’t contract your sheet metal fabrication jobs out, and we won’t simply design the products you want and have them fabricated by some other shop. We have everything that we need in–house, including some of the finest sheet metal fabrication equipment available, as well as equally exceptional technicians to operate it. When you hire our sheet metal fabrication specialists to do the job, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the finished product.

Count On Us for Outstanding Custom Ductwork Fabrication

Even if you are content with your range hoods, stainless steel backsplashes, and other sheet metal products, you may find yourself considering custom sheet metal fabrication services out of necessity. Among the most common requests that we receive in our shop is that for custom ductwork fabrication. It is a request that we are always happy to grant, as we just so happen to provide some of the best custom ductwork products that you’re likely to encounter anywhere.

Whether you have an old property that simply was not designed to accommodate bulky modern ductwork, or you just have a unique floorplan in need of equally unique air ducts, you can bet on our custom ductwork specialists getting the job done right. With our custom ductwork in place, painstakingly designed and expertly fabricated, you will be able to heat and cool your properties with the efficiency and reliability that you demand. Contact us today to get started.